Research track

This track is tailored to academics who are ready to push the boundaries of science, deliver cutting-edge research results and make a profound impact by publishing their findings in leading scientific journals.

We expect the Principal Investigator (PI) to establish a strong knowledge base and a sustainable research ecosystem that will evolve into a global center of expertise.
Contract period:
Up to  4 years
Work format:
Project budget
Eligibility for team leader - PI
  • PhD (equivalent) or higher
  • Experience in carrying out breakthrough research and potential to establish a global center of expertise
  • In the last 3 years:
  • Projects with a value exceeding 20 million rubles have been completed (or are currently in progress)
  • Articles with significant contributions in leading world journals
  • Participation in international conferences as an invited speaker or keynote speaker
    While all mentioned criteria are preferred, exceptional applicants with additional documented professional achievements are encouraged to apply
Expected Results (KPIs) in 3 years
  • Assembled a team of 10+ members
    involving ITMO's young scientists (PhD and MSc students)
  • Supervised thesis defenses for ITMO's young researchers:
    4+ PhD students and 10+ Master's students
  • Created a new educational program at ITMO
  • Established a global center of expertise
  • Annual publications in journals within the top 3% of the world's leading journals
  • Achieved self-financing status for the project
    Please note: ITMO Fellowship Program deliverables cannot be substituted for deliverables of other ITMO University programs (for the purposes of reporting)
How to apply
Contact us
  • Julia Khutornaia
    Coordinator of the ITMO ​Fellowship Program

    Lomonosova St. 9, room 3103
    ITMO University
    191002, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Alisa Lukyanets​
    Manager of the ITMO ​Fellowship Program
    +7 (812) 607-04-66 (office)

    Lomonosova St. 9, room 3103
    ITMO University
    191002, St. Petersburg, Russia