The Professorship track covers a variety of fields and is open to highly qualified professionals who hold a doctorate degree and are affiliated with the world’s top universities.

We are looking for distinguished professionals who are willing to develop a new cutting-edge scientific field or contribute to the research carried out by one of ITMO University’s existing teams. We expect the participants to establish a sufficient knowledge base and a sustainable research ecosystem that will support future collaboration in the area of their expertise. ITMO will provide the participants with access to talent pool and advanced research equipment. For those on sabbatical, the program is an excellent chance to enhance their international experience and expand their professional network.

Research Professorship

Research Professor-ship
Contract period:
Up to 2 years (a 1-year contract with possibility of extension)
Work format:
Participant must spend no less than 4 months per year at ITMO
100,000 RUB per month
(before income tax; percentage is subject to residency status)
Additional remuneration
Allowance of 200,000 RUB per year (covers equipment, materials, publication and participation fees)
  • PhD holders (or equivalent)
  • H-index of 20 and higher (with total SJR of (co-)authored publications for the last 5 years: 30 or higher)
  • Associate or full professor position (or similar) at one of the world's leading universities preferred
  • Proven professional record as a PI (principal investigator) preferred
  • Without prior employment history at ITMO University
  • Other criteria, such as professional awards or an intellectual property portfolio, will be considered on a competitive basis
    All aforementioned criteria are preferable but not mandatory. Outstanding applicants with other professional achievements supported by extra documents are also welcome to apply.
Expected Results (KPIs)
  • Number of publications (in Web of Science and Scopus-indexed journals):
    No less than 4 per year in collaboration with ITMO researchers (young scientists and MSc preferred)
  • Cumulative SJR of publications with ITMO affiliation:
    No less than 4 in the first year of the project and 10 in the second year of the project
  • Participation in major international scientific conferences as a speaker representing ITMO University:
    no less than 1 in the first year, and 2 in the second year
  • Establishment of an effective management structure
    (together with a collaborator from ITMO University) for a team of 5+ members OR an SIE (small innovative enterprise), with participation of ITMO University faculty and young scientists (PhD and MSc students), that is capable of sustaining its research activities upon completion of the project;
  • Supervision (co-supervision with an ITMO University professor) of Master's theses (with co-publishing of research results):
    No less than 1 per year
  • Short-term courses (3 ECTS) consisting of research-related lectures
  • Application for additional funding in the relevant research area
    External funding, including but not limited to international research grants: no less than 2 per year with a minimum of 6,000,000 rubles in funding per each.

    Please note: ITMO Fellowship Program deliverables cannot be accepted for the purposes of reporting on deliverables of other programs.
ITMO University provides all participants with:
How to apply
Applications are reviewed by the program committee six times a year according to the deadlines.
We expect successful candidates to begin their work at ITMO University within 6 months after the winners are announced.
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