About program

ITMO University Research Professorship program extends to a variety of fields and are open to highly qualified professionals who hold a doctorate degree and are affiliated with World’s Top Universities.

General Description

We are looking for distinguished professionals that are willing to develop a new cutting-edge scientific area and create a new team around it or to give a new impulse to one of the ITMO  University priority research directions by strongly enhancing momentum and quality of the current research work by collaborating with aspiring scientists in already existing teams. We expect the participants to create a sufficient knowledge base and sustainable research ecosystem that will support future collaboration in the area of their expertise.  ITMO University will provide the professors with access to talent source and advanced research equipment.

In case of sabbatical, participants may as well benefit from this program, thus enhancing the international experience and expanding their professional network.

Contract period: 1 - 2 years, no less than 4 months per year at ITMO. (2nd-year extension is subject to mutual agreement between Research Professor and ITMO University).


  • PhD holders; for holders of Russian PhD: minimum 3 years of international experience in world's leading universities
  • Without prior employment history at ITMO University
  • Assistant, Associate or Full Professor position (or similar) at one of the world's leading universities preferable
  • Proven professional record as PI (principal investigator) preferable
  • H-index from 20 (total SJR of (co-)authored publications for the last 5 years: from 30)

The criteria, such as professional awards and intellectual property portfolio will be considered on a competitive basis.

Expected Results (KPIs)

  • Number of publications (in Web of Science and Scopus databases): no less than 4 per year in collaboration with ITMO researchers (young scientists and MCs preferable)
  • Cumulative SJR of the publications with ITMO affiliation: no less than 4 in the first year of the project and 10 in the second year of the project
  • Participation in the major international scientific conferences as an invited speaker representing ITMO University: no less than 1 in the first year, and 2 in the second year
  • Establishing an effective management structure (together with the inviting collaborator from ITMO University) for a team of 5+ members including ITMO University faculty and young scientists (PhD and MSc. students) that can also function to sustain research after the project has finished OR a Small Innovative Enterprise
  • Supervision (co-supervision with ITMO University professor) of master's thesis (with co-publishing of research results ): no less than 1 per year
  • Number of submitted publications (in Web of Science and Scopus databases) with ITMO PhD students: no less than 2, with cumulative SJR of the publications with ITMO affiliation: no less than 2
  • Short-term courses of research-related lectures
  • Putting together and applying to the additional funding in the area of the new scientific area: external funding, including but not limited to international funding projects – no less than 2 per year with a minimum of 6 000 000 rubles funding each (equivalent approx. to 91 645 USD)*.

*According to USD to Russian Rouble exchange rate on March 14, 2019

Please note: ITMO Fellowship and Professorship Program deliverables cannot be accepted for the purposes of reporting on deliverables of other programs.


1 192 000 RUB per year (before taxes, equivalent approx. to 18 205 USD)*

 Additional allowance: 200 000 RUB per year.*** (equivalent approx. to 3 055 USD)*

*According to USD to Russian Rouble exchange rate on March 14, 2019

** Please note that the first day of work is the day of receiving of work permit in St. Petersburg or a date stated in the work contract.

*** Additional allowance can be used:

  • for purchasing equipment and materials required for the prospective research;
  • business trips to major international conferences as an invited speaker (only round trips from/to St. Petersburg are acceptable);
  • publishing fees in high-ranked open access journals

Please note: the money not used in the current year cannot be transferred to the consecutive year.

How to Apply

Before submitting the application, a candidate should contact the host Unit. The  Research Project proposal should be prepared together with ITMO collaborators and approved by the Head of the inviting Unit. It has to include project schedule, where the dates of visits to St.Petersburg have to be specified.

Research proposal must contain:

1. Project title, scope, and objectives

2. Relevance to the international research agenda & ITMO University priority research areas

3. Candidate research background

4. Research plan

5. Deliverables

6. Budget

The hosting Unit must confirm its commitment to work with the candidate with the Letter of  Support. The Letter of Support (in English) must include the name of the candidate, objectives and expected results of the Project, its duration, possible collaborators and must be signed by the Head of the inviting Unit.

Details of application procedure are available here. Application and all supporting documents to be submitted exclusively in English.

Open call for applicants year round. Applications will be processed three times a year. Please, see the "Dates and results" for the date of upcoming deadline.

We expect the successful candidates to start their work at ITMO University within 6 months after the winners are announced.

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